Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prepare Yourself for Owls. With Halos.

The Latest Greatest 9/1/10

First full official leak from Qwel & Maker's new album, "Owl", which drops 9/14/10. If the sound of this song and other snippets that have leaked are anything to go by, this could just end up being Qwel's strongest album to date. Maker laying down some extra chill funky production while Qwel rocks his wicked flow and lays down tons of interesting lyrics. The writing on this song is easier to understand and relate to than Qwel's last few albums, yet no less intelligent or concisely worded. Amoeba Berkeley's gonna be stocking lots of this one, so come holla (or hoot even) on the 14th.

<a href="">El Camino by Qwel &amp; Maker</a>

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