Friday, April 19, 2013

B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy) "Influence"

Expanding the Backpack, 4/19/13

New free full length album from New York hip hop crew Bitches Is Crazy, brought to you by NY's often underrated High Water Music label.  I have very little to share about these guys since they're a new name in my book and I can't find a bio listed anywhere, but from what I can piece together the group consists of a bunch of rapper types (Yesus 199, Pete, Ill Spills, Izzy OZ) and a couple frequent producers (VESA, MP the God, Chuk Le Garcon).  This "Influence" album of theirs earns them some strong points in the "classy hip hop street vibes" department, with their gruff voices complimenting the  soulful production nicely.  The album has a couple misses, and content-wise the constant raps about bitches and blunts do leave something to be desired, but overall this joint succeeds in my book off the strength of atmosphere that it evokes.  I really do feel immersed in the world of hip hop that B.I.C. lives in when I toss this on, and there's something to be said about hip hop that can convey that feeling to you even when you can't always relate.  Sucio Smash of High Water Music tends to be somewhat of a don when it comes to picking strong slept-on rap talent from New York (Homeboy Sandman, Fresh Daily, Senor Kaos, etc.), so it's always worth casting an ear to his picks of the litter.  You can download B.I.C.'s "Influence" free of charge over at the High Water Music Bandcamp Page, or stream it under the tracklisting below.  

1. Yinfluence 
3. This Money 
4. Shinin' 
5. WAVE 
6. Basic Bitch (Typaniggayou)
7. Ever Since 
8. Yo Soy Widdit 
9. What's Up (They Know) 
10. That's Right 
11. Groupie Love 
12. Taking Shorts 
13. Busty Love 
14. Food For Thought 
15. Wise Words 
16. DOPM 
17. Happy to be Here (Shoutro) 
18. Mechanism 
19. Split