Saturday, July 28, 2012

See & Be "Talksicology"

Expanding the Backpack, 7/28/12

New music from long-time Bay Area rap talent Joe Dub and veteran producer AC75, who're using the moniker See & Be for their collaboratiion here.  Been a minute since I heard some new music from Joe, and one listen through this reveals that San Francisco is still beating in his heart even when Hawaii is his home.  Some real funky feel good music that you ride around the Bay to or get live with at a Gurp City show.  At only 4 songs long this thing's like a maxi-single, but hopefully it's a hint that that long-waited Contra Band album "Praise Dirt" that Joe and AC have been working on will be dropping in the near future.  You can download See & Be's "Talksicology" EP over at the Isolated Wax Bandcamp Page, or stream it in it's entirety below.  Errrray:

Friday, July 6, 2012

Guv'Nor Jarel & the Metal Kuffed Villain

The Latest Greatest, 7/6/12

Lex Records has announced what appears to be a concrete street date for the upcoming MF Doom and Jneiro Jarel collab album "Key to the Kuffs," which will be unleashed on August 21rst worldwide.  It's always questionable whether these DOOM collab projects will ever materialize given how villainous his approach has been these last couple of years, but I'm glad to see that this particular meeting of the minds may be imminent since Jneiro Jarel is crazy talented and underrated as a producer.  I'd listen to this over a Ghostface or Thom York collab album any day of the week, though Jarel's last project with Khujo as Willie Isz was a little underwhelming.  Hopefully the weirdness of these two will mix well together.  Tracklisting and sample below:

1. Waterlogged
2. Guv'nor
3. Banished
4. Bite the Thong (feat. Damon Albarn)
5. Rhymin Slang
6. Dawg Friendly
7. Borin Convo
8. Snatch That Dough
9. GMO (feat. Beth Gibbons)
10. Bout the Shoes (feat. Boston Fielder)
11. Winter Blues
12. Still Kaps (feat. Khujo Goodie)
13. Retarded Fren
14. Viberian Sun Pt. II
15. Wash Your Hands