Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ain't No Party Like a BSBD Party

The Lowdown, 9/8/10

Blue Sky Black Death's new album "Third Party" should have hit retailers nationwide as of yesterday, and if you've previously been a fan of this duo's work you should definitely give it a listen. In my eyes, it represents a return to form for Kingston & Young God, who made a mark in 2006 with their impressive debut "A Heap of Broken Images." Since then, they've stayed prolific and released a number of albums that have showcased their signature spacey orchestral productions, but that have become increasingly formulaic with each successive release. Fortunately, "Third Party" is a drastic improvement over their past few releases, and the new synth-pop approach they've taken seems to have re-sparked some of the dynamic orchestral techniques they showed off on their debut. Alexander Chen, the singer of Boy in Static, handles vocal duties over the course of the album and fits Blue Sky Black Death's formula well. I haven't generally been a fan of his singing in Boy in Static, but somehow his delicate and emotionally cold vocals fit better over these types of dark synth beats. I've been listening to this album for about a week now, and am super happy with how immaculately produced it is. The closest comparison to it might be the "Slow Burning Lights" album that BSBD put out with Yes Alexander a few years back, but the sonic scope of this album is far more exciting. It's indie pop music through and through, but indie pop music that strikes a chord and makes you melt into a smile.

Blue Sky Black Death is streaming "Third Party" in full at their page if you feel like giving it a listen. To listen to the full tracks, you need to click on the name of the track before you click the play button. Don't forget to support the artist if you can if you dig it!

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