Saturday, September 25, 2010

Deeskee with the A.d.d?

The Latest Greatest, 9/25/10

West coast underground ish alert: it would appear that mega-underrated LA producer Deeskee has just dropped a new full length album's worth of production with this cat Add?, who I've never heard of. The samples sound pretty good and it features guest shots from dudes like 2Mex, Matre, and Alpha MC; so chances that with those dudes, and Deeskee's signature ill beats, the end product will end up being dope. Still, I'm somewhat skeptical of this Add? dude, and wonder if he's actually someone who's down with Deeskee and the LA underground scene or if he's just someone who paid for an album's worth of production and a couple of dope guest spots. It's listed as being released on LA2theBay, which is a good sign, but the closest I've come to digging up any info on Add? is this promo video:

Album is available for listening and purchase as of right now at CDbaby or Amazon, and I'm sure other retailers like Access Hip Hop will pick up on it soon. Will probably end up ordering this at some point.

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