Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Southern Comfort in the Midwest

The Latest Greatest, 9/14/10

As if to illustrate my point in my last post about Oldominion having a good year, here's the latest output from their camp. Candidt's "Sweatsuit & Churchshoes" hasn't been issued as a CD yet, but Candidt has been kind enough to put his album up for you to listen to on his Bandcamp page in addition to selling it digitally. Streaming it as I type this, and it's sounding like a complete banger! Will definitely jump at the opportunity to purchase a CD of this, surprising to hear so much quality stuff from Oldominion these days. Listen to "Don't Worry" (produced by Seattle mainstay Vitamin D) and tell me this isn't the sound of a crew on the come-up. Oh, and Onry Ozzborn murks his guest spot on "All in My Way," kicking off his verse with the line "I could have wrote 'The Secret' when I was 9 years old" haha! You should ignore Candidt's campy artwork and give this album a thorough listen. Apparently, he's going to be touring with JFK in October as well. Production credits for the tracklisting below:

INTRO (prod by Kuddie Fresh)
SAY DAT (prod by Vitamin D)
BULLY feat Pegee 13, Maya Jenkins (prod by Kuddie Fresh)
COOBREEZE feat Maya Jenkins & Xperience (prod by The Vision)
ALL IN MY WAY feat Snafu, Onry Ozborn, Maya Jenkins (prod by Smoke)
GOODTIMES (prod by DJ Roc’phella)
SUPER RAPPERS feat SOTA Boys (prod by Kuddie Fresh)
DON’T WORRY feat Maya Jenkins (prod by Vitamin D)
BOBBLEHEADS feat Brotha Brown, Xperience (prod by Kuddie Fresh)
NO STADIC (prod by Vitamin D)
SUNSHINE feat Xperience (prod by Kuddie Fresh)
VOODOO (prod by DeeJay)
CAN WE SMILE feat by Xperience (prod by Justo)
CINNAMON NIGHTS feat Macklemore, TLove (prod by Kuddie Fresh)
GRINDTIME feat JFK, Xperience (prod by BeanOne)
TRYNA LIVE feat Slem One (prod by Kuddie Fresh)
SLOFLO (prod by Vitamin D)
BANGALANG feat Syndel (prod by DJ Roc’phella)
MAKE DAT MONEY feat Von OP (prod by DJ Roc’phella)
IMAGINARY STEREO feat Maya Jenkins (prod by Taysean)
EVRYTIME MY PHONE RINGS feat Von OP (prod by DJ Roc’phella)

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  1. In the Intro, he says "I ain't nobody's Lou Rawls." What is that all about?