Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2Mex's Fanbase Better Listen Up

The Latest Greatest, 9/29/10

New official 2Mex album, "My Fanbase Will Destroy You," coming out on Strange Famous Records October 26th. Looks like it's produced mainly by Deeskee and Busdriver, with a couple tracks produced by Ceschi thrown into the mix as well. 2Mex's output has been hit or miss as far as full length albums are concerned, but he's generally dope and this album has been in the works for a while. Strange Famous calls it "the ultimate 2Mex album," so one can only hope! Tracklisting and leaked song below:

1 - My Intro Won't Destroy You
2 - Dead Hand Control (feat. Maney Wilson, prod. by Ikey Owens & Deeskee)
3 - Back
4 - What You Know About (feat. Prince Po, scratches by Buddy Peace)
5 - Dead Deer Diary (prod. by Ceschi)
6 - Rollercoaster (feat. Murs & Ariano)
7 - The Fun In Funeral (feat. Deeskee)
8 - Bluetooth Cyborg
9 - Career Suicide For Dummies (feat. Busdriver)
10 - Surveillance (produced by Ceschi)
11 - Press Your Luck
12 - Jolly Rancher
13 - I Just Didn't Know feat. Stacey Dee
14 - There's A Way
15 - AFC West (feat. Busdriver, Riddlore?, Ngafish, Shaheed, Akim, Ellay Khule, Wreccless, Deeskee)

2Mex - Dead Hand Control feat Maney Wilson by Strange Famous Records

And a video from the album:

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