Sunday, September 5, 2010

Printmatic Who?

The Latest Greatest, 9/5/10

New EP from ya boy Blueprint, preluding his next official full length "Adventures in Counter Culture" which is dropping on Rhymesayers some time this year. This EP is apparently sort of a mash-up of new original Blueprint rhymes over samples of The Who, similar to what he did previously with Funkadelic on his "Blueprint vs. Funkadelic" EP. Slightly disappointing since I initially anticipated a new EP of official tracks from 'Print, but it'll tide me over till the new album drops. This will be available for free download digitally on 9/8/10, or you can order a physical copy with a poster and instrumentals at Weightless. Blueprint and Illogic are definitely the unsung hip hop heroes of Columbus, OH in my book, so don't sleep!

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