Monday, September 6, 2010

Megabusive All Year Long

The Latest Greatest, 9/6/10

Obscure West Coast underground hip hop alert - Megabusive (or Computer Chip as he sometimes refers to himself these days) has embarked on a project to release a new song for free every day for the next year. Not nearly as interesting as the prospect of an actual new Megabusive album surfacing, but still worth a gander I suppose. For those who don't know Megabusive, he was an original member of the West Coast Workforce in the mid-90's, with other West Coast rap vets like Subtitle, Joe Dub, Radioinactive and Xololanxinxo. It's rumored that he was even included in the original roster of Anticon, before "Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop" dropped. Like many obscure West Coast indie rappers of that 90's period, he has an extensive catalogue of full length CDR releases that went completely under the radar and are nearly impossible to find (hint: check the Amoeba LA hip hop clearance bins). Anyway, I doubt he'll actually put out 365 songs in a row since musicians rarely live up to promises of this sort, but good to see him still active and making music. I had the chance to see him freestyle live with Ceschi when the last Fake Four tour passed through San Fran this year, and he definitely killed it. If you'd like to listen to his new songs for free or even donate to his endeavors, you can hear them in full at Megabusive's Bandcamp Page.

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