Sunday, September 5, 2010


The Latest Greatest, 9/5/10

Not-so-new news, but important to point out never the less. Lazerbeak is straight-up probably my favorite modern hip hop producer. His lava banger beats are behind some of Doomtree's finest tracks, and his busy production aesthetic brings to mind a young El-Producto at the height of his prime. Lazerbeak's first solo album, "Legend Recognize Legend," is dropping about 3 weeks from now on September 28th. From what I've heard of it, it tones things down a bit in order to properly compliment Lazerbeak's singing voice, which is featured prominently on every song. Fortunately, Lazerbeak is no novice when it comes to singing of this sort - he was the lead guitarist and singer of the rock band Plastic Constellations for many years prior to joining Doomtree. This new one seems to combine elements of Lazerbeak's various genre endeavors into a melting pot of musical goodness. The CD also comes with a DVD featuring a visual accompaniment to every song... Color me excited! Pre-order Here, sample track below.

Lazerbeak "Salt And Sea" by doomtree

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