Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sapient Makes Even More

The Lowdown, 8/31/10

Sapient is a dude who I never expect to like new music from, yet who I'm somehow always at least a little impressed by. Artists who release numerous releases each year generally raise red flags in my book as far as quality control is concerned, and to say that Sapient's kept busy in the last few years is an understatement. In 2009, he released three free download-able full lengths, produced two Sandpeople-related albums in their entirety, and released an additional solo album as well as a collaborative album with Luckyiam of Living Legends (both on CD). "Barrels for Feathers" is Sapient's second CD release this year, with a third in the works for the Fall and a possible fourth with Luckyiam. One thing that I always notice and appreciate about Sapient's projects, however, is that each one seems to be a little better than the last. Over the years, his production has gradually transformed from simple sampled boom bap to more synthesized keyboard generated affairs, and on this new one his keyboard beats seem more multi-layered and complex. He's also developing a sort of poppy sing-songy hook approach that's rumored to veer into genre-bending territories on his next release... a little skeptical of an album of singing from this guy, but then so far my skepticism in regards to Sapient has been off-base, so we'll see. For now, "Barrels for Feathers" is quite a solid well-produced album, featuring guest shots from Eligh, Pigeon John, and LMNO (who, even here, does nothing for me). A sample track to listen to below, you can order the CD at CDbaby with more locations to follow (hopefully Amoeba).

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