Monday, August 30, 2010

Icon the Mic King & Chum "Were Cool-Aide"

Expanding the Backpack, 8/30/10

Fake Four affiliate, hard-working MC and full-time egomaniac Icon the Mic King follows up his "Flavor Ade" album with a new full length project with Chum the Skrilla Gorilla behind the boards. This Cool-Aide album was intended to be the official full length that "Flavor Ade" was an appetizer for, but apparently Icon and Chum have disbanded their partnership (hence the "Were" in the title) and this is now being offered as a legally free download. Some strong joints on here... it always baffles me how artists can spend ages working on and perfecting a project, only to end up dropping it for free. Speaks volumes about the current state of the music industry I suppose. You can download the project at the following address:

Funk-ay. "Cool-Aide Smile" is so cool that I'll pretend that "80's Baby" never happened...

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