Saturday, January 1, 2011

Random Rap-Related 2010 Lists Pt. 2

The Lowdown, 1/8/11

Inspired by my pals Spensaur and Graceface, here are some of the funnest shows I saw in 2010:

1) P.O.S, Grieves & Budo, Dessa @ Bottom of the Hill

Greenhouse, Dez & Nobs, Timmy Wiggins, Cloud City @ LiPo Lounge

hold on from diane on Vimeo.

3) JFK, Insects, Black Mask, Outwitz, etc. @ Rockit Room

Moka Only & Factor, Ceschi, Open Mike Eagle, Kirby Dominant, etc. @ Elbo Room

Myka 9, Medusa, BPos, etc. @ Club 6

(unfortunately, I had to bounce early from this one and missed this collab. :( But Medusa was A-MA-ZING)

Doomtree & Rec League @ Slim’s

Daedelus, Nosaj Thing, Jogger @ Mighty

Qwel & Maker @ Farmer’s Block

Grouch, Brother Ali, Eligh @ New Parish

Amoebapalooza 2010 @ Stork Club

(No videos available of this one, as far as I know??? Butcher Cover and Swann Danger at First Church of the Buzzard was type epic as well)

Some other notable shows I attended last year:
Ecid, Noah23, Jordan Miche, Edison, Paulie Think, etc. @ Retox Room
Rec League, Grand Invincible, Dulok Shaman, Lodeck @ Red Devil Lounge
Luckyiam & Mestizo @ Club 6
Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer, 12th Planet & Teebs @ 1050 Folsom
Dark Time Sunshine, Void Pedal, Propaganda, Bru Lei @ Shattuck Downlow
Dark Time Sunshine, Jern Eye @ The Layover
Aceyalone & Sunspot Jonz @ Shattuck Downlow
Afro Classics, Understudies, etc. @ Blake's
Psalm One, Open Mike Eagle, League 510 @ Elbo Room
etc. , etc.

Was a pretty fun and eventful year for shows! Here's hoping for just as many in 2011. :)

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