Monday, January 17, 2011

Destro Destructo "Working Progress EP"

Expanding the Backpack, 1/17/11

This one is pretty dated by blogosphere standards and ain't quite as good as some of the other free download albums available in this section (check out the Jordan Miche EP or Void Pedal EP to see what I mean), but Oldominion has definitely been putting out some quality releases in the past year and this is a fine little number to add to your Seattle hip hop collection. Destro Destructo is more commonly known as one half of the Rhymesayers-signed group Boom Bap Project, who are part of Oldominion and have a couple of solid albums under their belt. This "Working Progress" EP is meant as a prelude to Destro's full length solo album "Ill.ustrated," which is due to drop some time in 2011. The EP features some production by Peegee13, as well as a strong guest verse from the seldom-heard Anaxagorus (also of Oldominon). You can download the EP for free over at the Vinyl Fluid Records Bandcamp Page, or you can stream it below of you wanna hear it MP-free.

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