Tuesday, January 18, 2011

75 Ways to Try, and One is Going Awol

The Latest Greatest, 1/18/11

So Fake Four Inc. has been slowly releasing leaks and info regarding Awol One & Factor's new album, "The Landmark," which is going to be released nationwide on February 15th. The first official leaked tracks are playable below, along with the tracklisting, which boasts the likes of Buck 65(!) and Abstract Rude amongst others. By the sound of the samples I've heard of this so far, Awol One seems to be moving back into moan-singing territory after the upbeat vibe of his last few albums, which may or may not be a good thing. Factor has really been in his element as of late though, so my guess is this album will end up ill. Here's the single "You're Never Gonna Take Us Out," which features the catchy strained-singing of Ceschi Ramos on the hook:

Awol One & Factor "Never Gunna Take Us Out" feat. Ceschi by Fake Four, Inc.

And below the intro track of the album, which is preluded by a sample of the beat from the track "People On Drugs"... which sounds like exactly the kind of beat that I want to hear Awol One moan over.

Tracklisting for the album pictured below:

Sims "Bad Time Zoo," Austin Peralta "Endless Planets," Void Pedal "Omni-Colour," and this album... February 15th is shaping up to be the first exciting indie rap release date of 2011. :)

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