Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not Like Them Other Villainous Empires

The Latest Greatest, 1/12/11

New album by Chillin Villain Empire, "Not Like Those," out right now and available for sale via Access Hip Hop (on CDR) or through various digital outlets. Riddlore? and Nga Fish are some insanely talented mo'fos who've been repping LA's Project Blowed collective for a couple decades now, but their albums tend to be a little on the sloppy side so I'm reserving my judgment on this one for now. Would be interested in hearing it though... there are snippets available to listen to over here.

Edit: Looks like Nga Fish and Mighty Joe Young(?) of CVE both just dropped solo albums too, which makes me extra-skeptical of the quality of this release! Still wanna give it a proper listen though.

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