Monday, March 26, 2012

Marking the Keys for Breath

The Latest Greatest, 3/26/12

So in case you haven't heard, one of my favorite underrated LA rappers (and one of my favorite people in general) Neila will soon be releasing her new full length "Marked for Breath" in an extra limited run of 100 eco-packed CDs. Neila has been one of LA's most distinct musical voices for over a decade now, and despite getting dealt a bad hand or two she's continued to be a very positive and motivational force in the LA scene. "Marked for Breath" is a full cohesive album of Neila songs recorded from 2001-2009 that somehow never saw a proper release due to life circumstances, and I'm truly stoked to see that it's finally being offered up as something official, with gorgeous artwork from the insanely talented Albane. I had the opportunity to listen to this project and went in expecting to hear some B-sides that never made the cut, but was blown away by some of the best Neila songs ever recorded. There are a number of tracks on this album that are like personal anthems to me, and one of my favorite of those songs is the beautiful and melancholic examination of self "Lost," which you can listen to below. Backed by a gorgeous evs beat that brings images of rain and a chanted hook that will resonate through the softest corners of your soul, the track is one of those songs that you can come back to in times of need and listen to as therapy. Truly great stuff, don't sleep. At the time this is being written, there are only 24 copies of "Marked for Breath" left for sale, which means it's safe to say that this album will never manage to make its way to a record store. You can reserve your copy today by e-mailing Neila at or getting in touch with her on Facebook. Now breath.

1. On the Run
2. You Are Me
3. Golden Silence (feat. Jason the Argonaut)
4. Mother (feat. Jimi the Mantis Claw)
5. Paper Airplane
6. New Day (feat. Lord Zen)
7. Garbage Bag
8. Broken Compass
9. Plastic Gun
10. Lost
11. Bubble Up (feat. evs)
12. Invisible Scars
Bonus Tracks:
13. Hermit (feat. Doc Lewd)
14. The Hardest Love (feat. Riddlore)
15. Marked for Breath


  1. Cool, this is the first track I have heard from the album and it's great! Do you know who produced the other tracks?

  2. I do, but dunno if I'm allowed to share all that info yet. CDs should be droppin' soon so you shouldn't have to wait long... does feature beats by, Deeskee and Jericho J amongst others. :)

  3. one of my favorite songs i've ever produced/made with Neila....there's a reason she's my best friend.

  4. Really did turn out amazing Mr. evs, one of my favorite songs from either of you two :)