Friday, March 30, 2012

Parks and Rapper Recreation

The Latest Greatest, 3/30/12

The Park. Playground to birds, bees, and ill MCs... no wonder it's a place threatened by the national budget. It's also the title of the new album by JB & Poe, who I first heard when they opened for Souls of Mischief as part of the group Candlespit Collective back in Twenty10. I scooped up a copy of their freshly pressed album at the Slim's merch booth, and was impressed by the fun, good-natured old school hip hop vibes contained within. Having heard the new album that JB & Poe are about to unleash on May 1rst via their own Ear Peace Records imprint, I'm pleased to say that their upbeat styles are alive and well for 2012. Despite the absence of Candlespit's producer Cyberclops, the beats on this new one still fall on the traditional party-rockin' end of the hip hop spectrum, with producer Tim Adoradio delivering a strong set of polished throwback style beats that vary in mood and tempo. JB and Poe both show off their flows while having fun with the hooks and lyrics, and the album plays through it's short running time with a strong momentum that makes it easy to listen to from front to back. Crowd rocking tracks like "Jump Sauce" are balanced by smoother joints like "I Still Got That," and the feel good nature of the music ties the whole thing together. Hell, there's even an anti-weed song weed song on there for the MJ aficionados. Expect to read more about The Park once it drops in May, but for now listen to the neck-snapping beat and catchy verses of "That's Muh Name," featuring a verse from Nick's Bar Karaoke Night superstar Cyberclops.

1. Beautiful Day
2. Grains
3. Jump Sauce
4. I Still Got That
5. That's Muh Name (feat. Cyberclops)
6. Sound Basics (Interlude)
7. I Am Not
8. Rattle Bap (feat. Cyberclops)
9. This is NOT a Weed Song
10. On One Hand
11. Slow It Down
12. The End

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