Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2K12 in Hip Hop Terms

The Lowdown, 3/31/12

So given the outbreak of awesome new releases in February, March 2K12 was a little barren by comparison. A couple of projects looked promising but ultimately ended up being disappointing, and there wasn't really a huge amount to look forward to to begin with. One release did catch my attention though:

1) F. Stokes "Love, Always EP" (self-released)

Despite it's short running time and the inclusion of two songs already available on past recordings, this EP stands out as a very cohesive piece of work and is F. Stokes' strongest offering to date. At times poppy, at times experimental, and at times grimy and traditional, the music here still feels very unified in its tone and focus. F. Stokes' lyrics are at their best on this EP, centered around different aspects of love but not afraid to shine some light on his rough childhood. His delivery ranges from spoken word to passionate rapping, but is always on point and is complimented by some strong beats from a wide range of lesser known producers. The two previously released songs feel right at home in context, and the other 5 tracks are F. Stokes' best recordings to date. Really looking forward to a new full length from this guy after hearing this, check out the well-made video for the potential pop hit "My Simple" below:

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