Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sixo "Tracking Perception EP"

Expanding the Backpack, 3/3/12

Terrific new free EP from Texas producer Sixo, presented to you by Fake Four Inc. Sixo's last full length "Fruits of Labor" was kind of an undiscovered gem that was handed to me at a Busdriver show. The album was good enough for me to feel the need to review it long after having originally received it, which is a rarity for strange CDs handed to me at shows. It's great to see this guy rolling with the Fake Four roster now, and also great to hear that his production has continued to improve while maintaining its grimy qualities. Like Sixo's last full length, this EP boasts a scary amount of MC talent: Ceschi, Onry Ozzborn, Awol One, Noah23 and Sole all make noteworthy guest appearances amongst others. You can stream Sixo's new EP under the tracklisting below, or download it for free via the Fake Four Bandcamp Page 2012 is officially the best year for free music in... ever!

1. Snowballs 2012 (feat. Ceschi & John McGee on guitar)
2. Daggers (feat. Noah23 & Gregory Pepper)
3. Dance With Stars (feat. Sole)
4. Calculated Trust (feat. Cainam, Poindexter & Onry Ozzborn)
5. For the Blind
6. Melting Away (feat. Awol One)
7. Cop Gods (feat. Heir Max, Poindexter & Sixo)
8. Mammoth

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