Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Year Was 8076

The Latest Greatest, 8/28/11

Saw this album cover next to the words "free download" up on Illogic's blog and practically lost my jaw in excitement, but turns out that the free download in question is a single track from the album as opposed to the album itself. Grrrr... Still, it's great to see material surface from Illogic's long-abandoned party album, which was supposed to drop on Rhymesayers back in 2005 but never saw the light of day due to the artists themselves deciding not to put it out. I remember chatting with Columbus OH producer Amos Famous about this project at a Danger Zone show in Berkeley, and he claimed it was Illogic's best work ever but that I'd never get to hear it since he'd decided to scrap it. The one or two sparks that surfaced from Illogic and Walter Rocktight's collaborative effort, like the "Time is Coming" song off Illogic's "Write to Death Vol. 2," kept me hoping that it would one day be released... but the years passed and hopes of hearing it gradually faded. Well, it looks like Illogic's finally decided to put this beast out, and as a free download no less. I'll definitely highlight it in the "Expanding the Backpack" section of this blog once the album becomes available in its entirety, but until then, here's that free track I was talking about:

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