Saturday, August 13, 2011

Road Warriors (Dr. Oop & Nucleus of the Blacklove R88ers) "Alive And... Well??"

Expanding the Backpack, 8/13/11

Some brand new tasty music for your ear drums courtesy of Dr. Oop and the Blacklove Crew! Folks who've chatted with me about hip hop know how huge a fan I was of Droop's criminally underrated masterpiece from last year "The Grateful Dread," so it's awesome to hear some new music from his end. It's also great to see that the talented Ear Dr.Umz is still handling the production side of things, as he seems to always find just the type of raw mellow beats that fit Dr. Oop's laid back style of MCing. One thing that I've grown to love about Droop Capone and the Blacklove Crew's music is how real and honest it is, with the rappers staying 100% true to themselves through their lyrics, concepts, and musical vibes. "Alive And... Well??" continues that tradition with a concept album about touring through Canada, with every song and interlude revolving around different aspects of touring and performing live. This results in some really great verses and tunes, including the drinking advisory "Canadian Brewery" and the unspoken groupie laws of "Love Lesson." The album even features a freestyled song about hitch-hiking recorded on the side of the road when they were hitch-hiking through Canada, sounds of cars passing by and all... doesn't get much realer than that. Not sure how long this one's gonna be available for free, but for now you can stream it in its entirety below and download it for free at Dr. Oop's Bandcamp Page.

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