Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seeing Doomdoubles

The Latest Greatest, 8/21/11

I refrained from spreading this news earlier due to the top secret nature of the extra-exclusive Doomtree newsletter, but since it's now been spread publically on their site and elsewhere I feel that it's fair game to share it here belatedly. Dessa's new(ish) full length "Castor, the Twin" is dropping October 4th 2011 on Doomtree Records. This new but not-quite-so-new body of work is largely composed of live band reinterpretations of Dessa's older songs and guest spots, with only one song "The Beekeeper" representing entirely new material. Kind of a bummer since I'd love to hear more new Dessa verses, but apparently this "Beekeeper" song is the single of another more official upcoming full-length of brand new stuff, so only a matter of time. Plus, it seems that I smell a new Doomtree group full length on the near horizon in November 2011? This one and the new Sims EP "Wildlife" (street date?) should tide me over till then. Tracklisting and sample reinterpretation below:

1. 551
2. Kites
3. Mineshaft
4. The Chaconne
5. Into The Spin
6. Dixon's Girl
7. The Crow
8. Alibi
9. Palace
10. Mineshaft 2
11. The Beekeeper

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