Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Rec Hoop Sacred League

The Latest Greatest, 3/29/11

Alright, it's time to reveal my true colors, because this latest edition of The Latest Greatest is on some *Baaaaayyyyyyy Shiiiiiiiiiiiittttt*!!! It would appear that the big homie Rob Rush has joined forces with Sacred Hoop's very own Luke Sick to form a group that goes under the kinda hilarious title of Rime Force Most Illin. If you've seen Rob Rush and Rec League live, you know that it's kinda hard not to be a fan, plus Luke Sick's got plenty of dope recordings under his belt. What's more, this new single is produced by the one and only Vrse Murphy with cuts by DJ Quest??? These dudes've all got criminally underrated stamped all over their foreheads, emphasis on the "criminally" cus' they're some wild sons o'bitches. Apparently, this single is from their upcoming album "The Force is Slammin" due out some time this year. Sign me up... especially if it features more Vrse Murphy production! Funky sounds for your eardrums below.

Rime Force Most Illin "On Dope":

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