Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't Be a Lame, Support Iame

The Latest Greatest, 3/15/11

Hmmm, this blog seems to be covering Oldominion news an awful lot these days, but if that's who needs the promotion then so be it! This latest news bit concerns Iame's upcoming album "Lame," which is dropping (or *might* be dropping) some time in the next few months. The Oldominion/Sandpeople representative is pulling a Rass Kass on us by funding the album through Kickstarter, where fans donate a certain amount beforehand and if a monetary goal is reached then the album will come out. Much like Rass Kass, Iame offers different package deals for different amounts donated, including a kind of ridiculous one for 200 bones! I ain't gonna be donating that much, but this is a project worth funding... Iame is a pretty talented dude, and "Lame" boasts 100% production from Smoke of Oldominion, which is a promising sign. Watch the video, go download his free album "Lightfighter" if you haven't already, and consider a donation if you're feelin' it. You can donate by visiting his Kickstarter Page. Wooorrrrd.

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