Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Clouds Part, the Sky Darkens...

The Latest Greatest, 3/29/11

Couple days late (hey, I've been workin on mixes n' things!), but wanted to share some info on Blue Sky Black Death's new instrumental album "Noir," which drops 4/26/11 on the ultra-consistant indie rap label Fake Four Inc. These guys are some real serious composers (and some serious local San Franciscan composers, no less), with a good for orchestral style beats of the epic variety. In case their "Third Party" pop record with Alexander Chen didn't click with you like it did with me, this new one is all beats beats beats, and it's sounding mighty promising. Really looking forward to hearing this as well as the free "World Wide Romance" project with Yes Alexander that's rumored to follow. Tracklisting, sample song, and first official music video below:

1. Our Hearts Of Ruin
2. Sleeping Children Are Still Flying
3. And Stars, ringed
4. To The Ends Of The Earth
5. Farewell To The Former World
6. Falling Short
7. Gold In Gold Out
8. Where Do We Go
9. In The Quiet Absence Of God
10. Where The Sun Beats
11. Starry
12. Fire For Light
13. Swords From Driftwood
14. Sky With Hand

"Sky With Hand":

"In the Quiet Absence of God" (official video):

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