Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beauty Gels With Tragedy

The Latest Greatest, 3/16/11

Even more West Coast underground illness headed in our direction in the form of Gel Roc's new album, "Beautiful Tragedy," which should be dropping some time soon on Gel's 100% independent label Abolano Records. Gel Roc has always been the strongest MC out of the EX2 collective in my eyes, to the point where I often prefer his solo material to EX2's group projects. Still, this "Beautiful Tragedy" album does look like it's going to be a group effort in the best of ways, with the regular stellar cast of LA talent listed on the above flyer. Unlike Gel's last few albums which were produced by Mascaria, this new one boasts production from Xczircles of the Escape Artists, who recently dropped a very dope double album with his Escape Artist brethren Aamir. Really curious to hear how the new production works for Gel Roc, Xczircles has definitely got beats. Feeling the new scissor motif in the way Gel Roc's name is written as well. This joint, Joe Dub's Contra Band album, and Open Mike Eagles' new album means us LA underground nerds are gonna be spoiled in the months to come. Debut song and video from Gel Roc's "Beautiful Tragedy" below:

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