Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cooking on Venus with Chopped Verses

The Latest Greatest, 3/5/11

The latest project from the super-productive and always interesting label Fake Four Inc. will be this new album by Canadian MC Noah23, entitled "Fry Cook on Venus." Noah is one of those rappers who got a good deal of attention and praise around the year 2000 when Anticon was in its heyday and non-derivative nerd rappers were dropping left and right. I remember his album "Quicksand" getting a good deal of positive reviews when it dropped, but I never checked for it and have yet to really dig into his material in depth. Much like fellow Canadian rapper Josh Martinez (whose output I have followed), Noah23 has released a ton of albums over the years to little to no attention. Kind of cool to see Fake Four backing this for some good distribution and promotion, hopefully it ends up being good. I had the chance to see Noah23 live last year, and the tracks he premiered from his new one sounded good, particularly the Factor-produced song "Bed Bugs." This thing drops March 29th, tracklisting with producer and two stream-able songs below:

1. What It Is (Oskar Ohlson)

2. Bright Green Laces (Zoen)

3. Murder City feat. Sole & Awol (Ceschi)

4. Beg Bugs (Factor)

5. Intangible Heart Crescendo (Madadam)

6. Fry Cook On Venus (Zoen)

7. Sea of the Infinite Wave feat. Ceschi & Myka 9 (Skyrider)

8. Can’t Stay Mad (Ceschi)

9. Nuts feat. Liz Powell from Land of Talk (Cars & Trains) guitar by Evan Gordon

10. Things To Do feat. Rickolus (Rickolus)

11. No Tomorrow (Madadam)

12. Old Dog feat. Ghettosocks (Zoen) scratches by Buddy Peace

13. Time Again (Zoen)

14. When I’m Gone feat. Gregory Pepper (Gregory Pepper)

Noah23- Bright Green Laces by Noah23

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