Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Void Pedal "Pair of L"

Expanding the Backpack, 2/21/12

There were no instrumental hip hop albums in 2011 that moved me as much as Void Pedal's "Omni-Colour," so it's super exciting to see a new EP of songs from the ultra-talented Chicago beatsmith. And believe it or not, this new "Pair of L" mini-joint is being offered to you for FREE via the Fieldwerk Records website! Acquiring this download for yourself is a serious no-brainer. There are no labels in hip hop currently offering the high level of instrumental music that Fieldwerk has at their disposal, and this is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to Void Pedal's tunes (or expand your collection of his music, if you're a major fan like me). Tracks like "21 Guns Pt. 2" and "Strugs" will leave you scratching your head over why this guy hasn't blown up to RJD2 levels of popularity yet. Really complex and moody layered instrumentals. Download Void Pedal's "Pair of L" on Fieldwerk's website, or preview a song from it beneath the tracklisting below.

1. Observer
2. Solace Eye
3. 21 Guns Pt. 1
4. 21 Guns Pt. 2
5. 21 Guns Pt. 3
6. Strugs

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