Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brother Ali "The Bite Marked Heart" EP

Expanding the Backpack, 2/14/12

In honor of St. Valentine's Day, Brother Ali and Rhymesayers entertainment are offering up this free collection of romance-inspired songs. Produced by Jake One and Ant, this is the first EP of brand new material from Brother Ali in a minute, and features collabs with folks like Phonte and Aby Wolf. It's far from the best Brother Ali EP you'll ever hear, but dude is undeniably a great MC and it's nice to hear him delivering something new to dig into. I'm not as big of fan of Jake One's production as I am of Ant's production, but I'll be checking for his upcoming "Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color" LP when it drops never the less. Download the free EP Here to hear it for yourself. Tracklisting and production credits below:

1) Shine On (feat. Nikki Jean) (produced by Jake One)
2) Electric Energy (produced by Jake One)
3) I'll Be Around (feat. Phonte & Stokley Williams) (produced by Ant)
4) I Can't Wait (produced by Jake One)
5) Years (produced by Ant)
6) Haunted Housebroken (feat. Aby Wolf) (produced by Jake One)
7) The Bite-Marked Heart (produced by Jake One)

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