Tuesday, February 21, 2012

QM & Pudge "No SleE.P."

Expanding the Backpack, 2/21/12

Round two of 2012's Rec League takeover comes in the form of this new free EP from QM & Pudge, who deliver some really chill West Coast vibes with this extra nice shortplayer. This project is not quite on par with Proe's superb full length "Be Brave, Gladiator", but comes damn close to matching it in quality and is another great free release from the rowdy SF clique. I'm really impressed by how much QM's rapping has improved on this EP, as he's developed a very smooth sound with his verses that stands out more than any of his previous recordings. This EP is really fun feel good music that should work great at a live show (as Rec League songs always do) or through car speakers on a sunny drive through Cali. You can download the "No SleE.P." for free via QM's Bandcamp Page, or stream it under the tracklisting below. P.S: "Ernie McCrackin" is a pretty sweet name for a guest rapper as well.

1. No Sleep (produced by Juicy the Emissary)
2. Out Rage Us (produced by A Sims)
3. White Boy Wasted (produced by Grip Grand)
4. Woke Up in the AM (feat. Proe) (produced by Juicy the Emissary)
5. Time to Get Paid (produced by A Sims)
6. Know My Name (feat. Ernie McCrackin & DJ Yeah Def) (produced by TLit)

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