Monday, February 27, 2012

Edison "The Full Mustafa"

Expanding the Backpack, 2/27/12

Adding to this year's already stellar line-up of free releases is this new collection of beats from one of San Francisco's most talented producers, Edison. This button-mashing tech wiz has produced for the likes of Aesop Rock and Bleubird amongst others, and just recently released a split LP with Doomtree's Lazerbeak on Fieldwerk Records. Plus, the man can rock his beats live like it's nobody's business. This free full length instrumental hip hop album is dubbed by Edison as "shit your uncle hippy wished he had heard while he was ripping tubes," and the mysteries abound. Why are there no song titles? In what order are the tracks meant to be listened to? What is that chicken doing on the cover? Who IS the "beastmaster"? And how in the name of God can music so free sound so banging? One thing's for sure - you beat fiends need to download this album with a quickness over at 900 Bats and take note. Possible tracklisting(?) below:

1. before20
2. double zero
3. eighteen (feat. beastmaster)
4. o-3
5. o... eight
6. oh one (feat. EVAK1)
7. one zero
8. one7
9. onetwo
10. six
11. zero four
12. zero7
13. 009
14. 05
15. 0two
16. 15
17. 1four
18. 1three
19. 20

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