Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cloudy October "The Metal Jerk"

Expanding the Backpack, 10/18/11

Essential free music download alert. In case you missed Cloudy October's "The Aviator is Dead" EP, the Portland-based rapper's new freEP is even more determined to seize your attention and make your eyebrows twist themselves into odd angular shapes. Entitled "The Metal Jerk," the album runs a little under a half an hour in length, and packs more of a punch than some of these cookie cutter MCs can deliver in their entire rap careers. As far as flow and style goes, Cloudy October kind of reminds me of Nocando, with his aggressive enunciation of words and confident cadences standing out in particular. His rapping can come off as cocky and rude, particularly when he chooses to pull the cards of rappers and their guilt-ridden cohorts, but he also has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to tear himself apart over a track ("Name Yourself"). You can tell that Cloudy October is going out of his way to avoid conventional lyricism and be creative, and I appreciate that element of his music a lot. He also picks/produces some damn fine beats, which is pretty much what you'd expect considering that he's a part of the Fieldwerk Records roster. Fieldwerk and Cloudy October are offering "The Metal Jerk" as a free download on the Fieldwerk Records website. DL it via that link or stream tracks from it below, just make sure it reaches your eardrums in some way, shape or form.

1. Intro
2. Left Front Burner
3.The Ins and Outs of the Female Reproductive System
4. Play
5. 32,000lbs
6. Hairline Fracture
7. Live @ Pioneer Square
8. Wingman(Midlaw)
9. Name Yourself
10. To Each Her Own

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