Saturday, October 15, 2011

Long Live the Lack of Kings

The Latest Greatest, 10/15/11

The new Doomtree crew album "No Kings" is gonna be dropping November 22nd on Doomtree Records. The cover artwork (pictured above) is probably my least favorite DTR design to date, but I know that they're aiming to emblazon the symbol into people's minds so it's all good. The lead single off the album, "The Great Experiment," is not entirely what you'd expect from this gang of talented rap types but it's a pretty awesome song never the less. I hear that the production on this album was handled differently than the production on past Doomtree albums, with Lazerbeak, P.O.S and Cecil Otter handling all of the beats as a trio (not sure if Paper Tiger has any contributions here?). Not quite as excited for this one as I was for their self-titled joint when that was first announced, but I'm sure that come late November I'll be gushing all over this and flashing wings and teeth hand-signs all over the damn place. 'Till then, tracklisting and streamable single below:

1. No Way
2. Bolt Cutter
3. Bangarang
4. Beacon
5. Punch-Out
6. Little Mercy
7. The Grand Experiment
8. String Theory
9. Team the Best Team
10. Gimme the Go
11. Own Yours
12. Fresh New Trash

Doomtree "The Grand Experiment" by doomtree. Uploaded with Scup

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