Monday, October 17, 2011

Party Till the Commies Come Home

The Latest Greatest, 10/17/11

Very pleasantly surprised to hear that the Minnesota hip hop duo Big Quarters will be dropping their new album, "Party Like a Young Commie," on CD and digital formats November 29th. Medium Zach and Brandon Allday's last album, "From the Home of Brown Babies & White Mothers," was one of the sleeper indie hip hop hits of 2009 in my book, showcasing Big Quarters' own original blend of lo-fi choppy production and sincere MCing. That album stood out to me as being a very distinctive and solid body of work, so I can only hope that their new one continues the trend of quality that these two are known for. Between this album and Doomtree's "No Kings," Minnesota is going to be dominating the end of 2011 in quality rap releases. You can preorder "Party Like a Young Commie" through the Big Quarters website, signed and with a free instrumental download card. These guys tend to keep things strictly independent and put their albums out on their own with no label or distributor backing them, so all the more reason to support! Tracklisting and lead single/music video below:

1. And We Grew Up To Be Somebody
2. New Plateau
3. Perfect Match ft. Mankwe Ndosi
4. Pure
5. Humble Servants ft. Benzilla
6. C'mon
7. Follow Me Through
8. Hey
9. Tumbler
10. Low Highs
11. Savings Bonds
12. When The Head Connects With The Body
13. Unreal ft. Mankwe Ndosi
14. Never Leave A Crumb

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