Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cloudy October "The Aviator is Dead EP"

Expanding the Backpack, 6/8/11

Late-pass on this one, but just learned about this guy's music recently and wanted to share this free EP of his for those who haven't heard it. Cloudy October is an MC/producer from Portland, OR that makes rap music that he describes as "Andre' from Outkast meets Aesop Rock in Molecular Science Class." The beats and rhymes on this EP are surprisingly great, with Cloudy October's flow fitting well over his polished organ and harp-based production. This guy was recently signed to the Chicago-based instrumental hip hop label Fieldwerk Records, who already have a rep for great releases and who'll be putting out Cloudy's new one "The Metal Jerk" in the Fall. Cloudy October is currently touring across the West coast with Onry Ozzborn, Iame, and Void Pedal as part of the "Hold on for Dear Life" tour. Stream "The Aviator is Dead" below or download it for free here, plus peep the music video and tour dates lower down while you're at it:

Music video for "Lowerface":

Tour dates with Onry Ozzborn, Iame and Void Pedal:

June 8, 2011
Sacramento, CA at Blue Lamp

June 9, 2011
Woodland, CA at The Stag

June 10, 2011
Reno, NV at Tonic Lounge

June 11, 2011
S. Lake Tahoe at Whiskey Dicks

June 14, 2011
San Diego, CA at Kava Lounge

June 16, 2011
Yuma, AZ at Dunes Bar

June 18, 2011
Tempe, AZ at Red Owl

June 19, 2011
Las Vegas, NV at Daddy Mac's

June 21, 2011
Albuquerque, NM at Moonlight Lounge

June 22, 2011
Cortez, CO at Blondie's

June 23, 2011
Farmington, NM at Pavillion/McGee Park

June 24, 2011
Colorado Springs, CO at The Black Sheep

June 25, 2011
Denver, CO at Funky Buddah Lounge

June 29, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT at Bar Deluxe

June 30, 2011
Boise, ID at The Reef

July 1, 2011
Bozeman, MT at The Zebra Lounge

July 2, 2011
Mill Creek, WA at The Jet

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