Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Candy's Got a Brand New Gun

The Latest Greatest, 6/28/11

So apparently, according to Stereo13 aka Existereo's blog, the newish-oldish Candy's .22 album "A Girl and Her Gun" is officially available for sale digitally on iTunes. This kind of snuck out of nowhere and is mostly an official reissuing of songs from "On the Roadkill Again," but it's an album I've patiently waited for for some time and I'm happy to see that it's finally available in some way shape or form. If you're unfamiliar with the collaborative work of Existereo (Shapeshifters) and Barfly (Oldominion), feel free to familiarize yourself below. Essential listening for those who like their hip hop on the extra weird/extra drunk side. No word on whether this is going to be pressed up on CD or wax, but I've got my fingers crossed. I see you, Grimm Image.

"Sux to be the Best"

"Alone" (produced by Factor)

"Streetlights Shine"

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