Wednesday, June 5, 2013

nosunnofood "nosunnofood"

Expanding the Backpack, 6/5/13

New self-released project from Edison, under the moniker of nosunnofood, available now on a name-your-own-price basis.  This new album is an accoustic driven project that was apparently recorded over the course of four years and underwent various moves and metamorphoses in the process.  Edison is one of the Bay Area's finest producers, and this collection of songs offers up a quieter and more meditative approach to his beats while maintaining his trademark excellence.  The folky guitar elements of the production here remind me a bit of the awesome instrumental hip hop album that 2econd Class Citizen released last year "The Small Minority," though nosunnofood definitely stands out on its own and delivers a very strong emotional palette of sounds.  Some great music to write or make art to, but also an album that you can really pay attention to in your headphones.  You can download the album for whatever price desire (including Free Fifty Free) via Edison's Bandcamp Page or you can stream it in full below:

1. the sighs
2. slow climb to the common corners
3. there is no war in love and hate
4. astringent
5. the repeating fades grayer everytime
6. until the day your keys own you
7. my modesty, your venn diagram
8. where she walks, i will walk too
9. that dream of falling face first
10. breaking through to find more to go through
11. last time, that stuff you said was wrong

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