Monday, June 17, 2013

Destro Destructo "Day of the Dead"

Expanding the Backpack, 6/17/13

New album from Destro Destructo of Oldominion/Boom Bap Project, "Day of the Dead," available on a donation basis (or as a free download) via Destro's Bandcamp Page.  This album is entirely produced by a producer from Zaragoza, Spain by the name of Cash Flow, who tragically passed away in 2011 over a battle with leukemia.  Destro decided to complete the project and offer it up to the masses in Cash Flow's honor, and the album is an achievement with plenty of stand-out boom bap hip hop jams to nod your head to.  Cash Flow's simple loop-based production is a great compliment to Destro's steady voice and style, and the plethora of guest spots from the always excellent Oldominion crew further boost the quality of the product.  Early favorites to me are the title track and "Along for the Ride," though the whole thing is pretty solid and well worth a listen.  You can download the album for free over on Destro's Bandcamp, but if you choose to donate something for it 65% of the proceeds will be donated to cancer research/care in Cash Flow's name.  

1. Dream Big 
2. Along for the Ride 
3. Undertow 2.0 (feat. Snafu & NyQwil) 
4. Sweat Equity 
5. Day of the Dead (feat. Goldini Bagwell & Pablo) 
6. Filthy (feat. JFK) 
7. Fever (feat. L Pro) 
8. Grizzly 
9. Heaven & Hell (feat. Bishop I) 
10. Black Cobra (feat. Onry Ozzborn, Iame & Laura Ivancie) 
11. Served Cold (feat. Luck One) 
12. Occupational Hazard 
13. Electrico (feat. Oldominion) 
14. Champion Sound (feat. L Pro) 
15. Eyes Wide (feat. Josh Malm aka Redwood Son) 
16. Fade Away 
17. Code of Conduct (feat. Silas Blak & Serge Severe)

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