Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gregory Pepper & Madadam "Big Huge Truck"

Expanding the Backpack, 6/29/13

New free EP from weirdo indie-pop hopper Greg Pepper and Canadian producer Madadam, offered up courtesy of Fake Four Inc.  This follows in the steps of Gregory Pepper's excellent "Escape From Cystal Skull Mountain" album that dropped last year, and has been billed as more of a hip hop style side project that him and Madadam closely worked on together for a while.  Even if Gregory Pepper's moronic singing and humorous lyricism aren't your cup of tea, this free project is still worth checking out for the collaborations that him and Madadam have roped in from their Fake Four fam.  Featured over the course of the album are verses from Ceschi, Noah23, Awol One, Open Mike Eagle and Kirby Dominant to name.  Stand-out songs include "House on Wheels" and "Let's Be Friends," though the album's crowning achievement may be "Walrus for Mayor," which finds Awol One and Gregory Pepper waxing poetic over a very warm and optimistic Madadam beat.  My only gripe with this project is that the sound is mixed very low, which means you really gotta crank up the volume if you want to hear it clearly next to other recordings.  Still definitely worth a free download over on the Fake Four Inc Bandcamp Page, or a stream under the tracklisting below: 

1. Sisypheon Rock (Gregory Pepper Mix) 
2. Mechanical Head (feat. Blue Blue Heron) 
3. House on Wheels (feat. Noah23) 
4. Cautionary Tales (feat. Ceschi) 
5. Pinch the Hooch, Double Helix, Jizz Cracker 
6. Walrus for Mayor (feat. Awol One) 
7. Stone Airplane 
8. Madadam Interlude
9. Stirring Dead Leaves (feat. Open Mike Eagle) 
10. Let's Be Homies (feat. Kirby Dominant) 
11. Fronting In Your Heartbone (feat. Livestock) 
12. Sisypheon Rock (Madadam Remix) 


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