Thursday, January 19, 2012

Breakin' With Broken Bodies

The Latest Greatest, 1/19/12

New album from Third Sight, "Chillin' With Dead Bodies in a B-Boy Stance," freshly butchered for 2012. Apparently, this latest opus from Roughneck Jihad, D-Styles and Dufunk dropped no less than two weeks ago digitally... word??? Thankfully, I hear that a CD may be getting pressed up for it further down the line, so they haven't succeeded at slipping under everyone's radars quite yet. These three have been making some pretty grimy and original left-field hip hop since their "Golden Shower Hour" album dropped in 1998, with some very choppy beats and impressive scratching (but what would you expect from D-Styles?). Roughneck Jihad has got a lot of personality as a rapper, falling in line with cats like Kool Keith and Doom in that special class of weird MCs who just don't give a fuck. Curious to hear this one, I'll wear a nose plug if I have to. Tracklisting and sample song below:

1. I Strangled the Accordian
2. Honey Aficionado
3. I Got a Lot of Yen
4. Baghdad
5. Beat Biter
6. Bellydancer
7. Stratosphere
8. Creep Shit
9. Artificial Missile
10. Eye Spy
11. Jeepers Peepers
12. Pineal Gland
13. Shit Talker
14. Smell My Middle Finger
15. Turf Tight

Jeepers Peepers by third-sight

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