Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rogue Venom "Sick Sad World"

Expanding the Backpack, 9/28/11

At the time I was preparing this post, Rogue Venom's "Sick Sad World" album was being offered up for free off her Bandcamp page, but it looks like there's a price attached to it now. Still sharing it in this section since it was free and it's an album worth listening to, if not buying. Swim Team's resident femme fatal Rogue Venom can definitely spit, and offers up a certain aggression lacking in this generation's wave of woman rappers with "Sick Sad World." She played a major role in making Dr. Oop's excellent "Grateful Dread" album from last year so dope, and her beat selection on this new one is surprisingly strong, with lots of grimy boom bap provided by the likes of Ras G (who handles no less than 4 of the beats on here) and Elusive amongst others. The album's really more of an EP, clocking in at only 28 minutes in length, but pretty strong stuff here. Peep the tracklisting and stream the album in full below:

[Edit: aannnd as of 10/7/11, it appears to be available for free again, at least for a limited time!]

1. Intro (produced by Elusive)
2. Lightyear (produced by Ras G)
3. Out My Mind (produced by Budamunk)
4. Afterlife (produced by KG Boom)
5. Revenge (produced by 3AM)
6. Dopeflow (produced by Mar-Var Productions)
7. Sunday (produced by Milan Kishonti)
8. Cold Hear'd (produced by Milan Kishonti)
9. Sick Sad World (produced by KG Boom. Scratches by D-Styles)
10. Stuck (produced by Ras G)
11. Tell Lie Vision (produced by Ras G)
12. Puppeteer (Remix) (produced by Elusive)
13. Spaced Out (produced by Ras G)
14. This is It (produced by...?)
15. Outro (produced by Elusive)

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