Thursday, September 8, 2011

Illogic & Walter Rocktight "Year 8076"

Expanding the Backpack, 9/8/11

As promised a couple of blog entries back, here's a link to the long-lost Illogic & Walter Rocktight collabo album "Year 8076." This was intended to be a Rhymesayers release about 8 years ago, but the artists decided not to release it and it was shelved until now. Just finished my first listen through the album and I'm scratching my head over why they hesitated with it back in the day... Solid beats, solid rhymes, and the most dance-able album of Illogic's career. I was afraid it might sound sloppy or unfinished since they decided to give it away for free, but this baby's fully polished and sounding awesome. Illogic's early work with Blueprint had a major influence on my introduction to indie rap music. I used to idolize him for excelling in every aspect of MCing and being one of the most well-rounded MCs out there. I still think he sounds really on-point and he's waaayy too slept-on as rapper, so stoked to hear some new-old material from him and happy that he has a new album with Blockhead in the works. Hopefully this project will help give him some more exposure. Free download available at Illogic's Bandcamp Page or you can stream the album in its entirety below. If you're feeling it, you can make a donation on the Bandcamp page or (better yet) buy a physical copy of "Year 8076" when Illogic & Walter Rocktight make it available.

1. Intro
2. How You Want It
3. Morals
4. Life Is Passin' By
5. I Know You Wanna Dance
6. The Whites of Their Eyes
7. Clap Ya Hands
8. Hit the Road
9. Time is Comming
10. Meant to Be
11. 3 to 5
12. How You Want It (Remix)

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