Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In the Mood for Live

The Latest Greatest, 7/6/11

Brand new album from Mood, the duo consisting of Ohio MCs Main Flow and Dante whose debut "Doom" turned a lot of heads back in the day. Out NOW and available for sale at Access Hip Hop! Can't say I was expecting this one... it just sorta dropped out of the blue but I'm very curious to hear it. Sounds like it's mainly produced by Jahson, who handled a number of the beats on their first album alongside DJ Hi-Tek (who's not featured on this one, but no surprises there). Haven't managed to locate any samples of this one yet, but tracklisting is available below:

2.Live Again (feat. Big Easy)
4.Gangsta Goddess
5.Popular (feat. Ianigma / Big Easy)
6.Shoot Me Down (feat. Ianigma)
7.Drugs, War & Crime (feat. Ragga)
8.Bad Move (feat. Ragga)
9.Ghetto Monopoly (feat. Zerah)
10.They Say (feat. Zerah)
11.Profits Of Doom
12.Judgement Mourning (feat. Ragga)
14.Conversations (feat. J Sands)
15.By Myself
16.More Love Than Hate (feat. Zerah)
17.Believe (feat. Holmskillet)
18.So Long
19.Lyrics Like These
20.X Factor

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