Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Flashiest Bangers of the West

The Latest Greatest, 7/9/11

So in case your West Coast Underground Hip Hop radar has overheated or you've been living under a Cali avalanch, Busdriver & Nocando will be joining forces to release a collaborative album in August under the group name Flash Bang Grenade. Entitled "10 Haters," the album will likely have 10 or more heaters and will be dropping via Hellfyre Club/Grimm Image Records. Lots of reasons to be amped for this project... The past guest appearences from Nocando on Busdriver's albums have resulted in some seriously heavy tunes, plus I can't think of a busier and more prolific duo of LA artists. Busdriver is an immensely talented MC, and I have hope that this album and the rumored Fake Four project he might have in the works (ssshhh) will both be some bad-ass rebounds into the spotlight. Here are two more reasons to be excited about the album:

"I Can Teleport" (produced by Busdriver)

"Beat My Bitch" (produced by Nosaj Thing)

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