Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting Ziggy With It

The Latest Greatest, 7/28/11

Determined to cement his place at the bottom of the "album" listings in your iPod, Boom Bip will be releasing his new album entitled "Zig Zaj" via Lex Records this September. Crazy ill album artwork, in typical Boom Bip fashion. Collaborators on this one include Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand), Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun), Money Mark and more. Too early to say whether this is worth getting excited over... Boom Bip has some phenomenal albums under his belt, including Doseone's strongest solo album, but he's also indulged in a couple of extra-poppy affairs that are fine for what they are but rarely get spins from me. Judging by the guest list on this, Boom Bip seems to be drifting more in the pop direction than the experimental direction, but the hope of this being dope is still there and I'll be checking for it come September. Tracklisting and first leaked track below:

1. All Hands
2. Goodbye Lovers And Friends ft. Alex Kapranos
3. Pele
4. Do As I Do ft. Cate Le Bon
5. Reveal
6. Manabozh ft. Money Mark
7. New Order ft. Luke Steele & Josh Klinghoffer
8. Automation
9. Tumtum
10. Mascot and the Moth

"All Hands"

Boom Bip 'All Hands' (from new album 'Zig Zaj') by LexRecords

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