Saturday, December 11, 2010

Michael Isn't Playing Around

The Latest Greatest, 12/11/10

Kind of late in posting this here, but couldn't continue blogging without mentioning Onry Ozzborn's staggering work ethic these days. The Oldominion vet is dropping a free full length album this month entitled "No Hoax," which comes in weekly three-song installments that drop each Monday of December. The first of these installments has already dropped via Circle Into Square, and it sounds solid as usual. The craziest part is that this free album is just something to hold people over till his next album, "Hold on for Dear Life," is released on Fake Four Inc. on January 22nd in physical format. How he has time to produce two solo full lengths, maintain his group Dark Time Sunshine, and tour all year while keeping a high standard of quality is beyond me...

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