Friday, December 3, 2010

It Ain't Safe for MCs No More

The Latest Greatest, 12/3/10

Well, this is a pleasant surprise. After an extended absence from the Chicago rap scene, I was worried that Vakill and the Molemen had just given it up altogether or had fallen victim to some bullshit industry politics. I remember this "Armor of God" album being announced shortly after Vakill's 2006 release "Worst Fears Confirmed," and then kind of gradually vanishing from sight as the years passed by. Great to see that the album is still in the works and slated for a 2011 release. Vakill is a really great rapper with razor-sharp wit, sick flows, versatile concepts, and the best punchlines of any modern rapper in my opinion. "The Darkest Cloud" and "Worst Fears Confirmed" were two of my favorite albums of their respective years, so I'm sure this one will continue that legacy of excellence. No idea how many modifications have been made since then, but here's a tentative tracklisting that dropped a few years back:

1 Intro
2 Armor of God (prod. by Jake One)
3 Beast Ballad f. Juice, Rhymefest, Nino Bless & Crooked I (prod. by Panik)
4 Sick Cinema (prod. by Panik)
5 Heavy (prod. by Panik)
6 Endless Road f. Vizion (prod. by MGI)
7 Armorgeddon (Shit On You) (prod. by Jake One)
8 I Came 4 U (prod. by Panik)
9 Wild Wild (prod. by Bluntologist)
10 The Apology (prod. by Joe Blow)
11 NWA (Nigga Wit Appetite) (prod. by Panik)
12 Lynch (prod. by Croup)
13 Mean Mug Muzik (prod. by Panik)
14 You Don’t Know (prod. by Panik)
15 Bi-Polar (prod. by Panik)
16 Proof (prod. by Jake One)
17 God Given f. Juice and Astonish (prod. by Panik)

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