Friday, December 3, 2010

Emulsion > Emotion

The Latest Greatest, 12/3/10

The first official leak from Sims' upcoming Lazerbeak-produced behemoth "Bad Time Zoo" has dropped, and it's sounding extra dangerous indeed. Seems like I've been waiting a few years for this project to drop, since it's first inception as "The Veldt," and if this single's anything to go by then a lot of heads are going to roll come February 2011. I'm a fan of both Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak's albums that dropped this year, but think that "Bad Time Zoo" is going to bump Doomtree back to levels of jaw-dropping outstanding-ness not witnessed since Dessa's "Badly Broken Code" or Doomtree's self-titled album. I heard this track performed live when Doomtree passed through San Francisco on their "Wings & Teeth" tour, and couldn't be happier with how the official recorded version of it came out. Sims' "Bad Time Zoo" will be released 2/15/11 on Doomtree Records. Audio below, get excited.

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