Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ecid "Post Euphoria" EP

Expanding the Backpack, 3/31/13

Late on sharing this one, but I was under the impression that it was supposed to later in the month and the single that premiered on Rolling Stone's website (props!) threw things off.  I've actually been listening to Ecid's new freEP since around the beginning of March, and it's another strong showcase of his smarty pants rapping and beat-making expertise.  The EP kind of picks up where his 2012 masterpiece "Werewolf Hologram" left off, following a similar pattern of choppy production techniques and snide rap verses while adding more live instrumentation into the mix.  "Post Euphoria" is mostly lighthearted in tone but deals with a lot of dark subject matter, and Ecid keeps things clever and interesting for the course of its short duration.    I hear that a new full length "Pheromone Heavy" is in the works for 2013, so color me intrigued.  You can download the "Post Euphoria" EP free of charge via Ecid's Bandcamp Page, or stream it in full below.

1. Burn Everything
2. Dream Boat
3. Kum & Go (feat. Ashley Gold)
4. Insomniac by Choice
5. 2Pac Cobain (feat. Sean Anonymous & Rapper Hooks)
6. Akmude Sallam (2013 Version)


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